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Happy Winners of Trophies at the 2018 Conference

Write down South Winners

2015 Write down South Winners

Short Story Competition - placings

1st Place - To Whom it May Concern - Skivvy - Linda Brown

2nd Place - Wee Dot’s First Halloween - Rab - Jack Muir

3rd Place - Davey Plays to the Crowd - Chancer - Lorna Fraser

Highly Commended - Sent to Helensburgh - Rizza - Rose Oliver

Poetry Competition - placings

1st Place - Up in the Attic - Dusty - M T Kielty

2nd Pace - No Psychic Need - Chanel - Greta Yorke

3rd Place - War Correspondent - Invisible - Kriss Nichol

Write up North winners

2015 Write up North winners

Short Story Competition - placings

1st Place - My Struggle with the Robo-curtains of Doom - David McVey

2nd Place - A Letter Home - Margaret Woodward

3rd Place - The Wee Stowpie - Olga Wojtas

Highly Commended - Welcome to your Gory Bed by Barbara Stevenson

Commended - The Kilt by Lesley Holligan

Poetry Competition - placings

1st Place - Ciocharan (Suckling) - Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

2nd Pace - Alba N-ova - M T Kielty

3rd Place - Grinnell (Grit) - Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

Highly Commended - Or-ubhal (Orange) - Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

Commended - The Mod - Jeni Hamilton


Staff at the Westerwood prepare the Award Table with the Trophies.

SAW Competitions and Results 2015

Competition Trophy

General Novel

Constable Stag Trophy

Pitlochry Quaich Trophy

Novel Length entry in a specific genre

Younger Adult Novel

TC Farries Crystal Thistle Trophy

Factual novel length

Janetta Bowie Chalice

General Short Story

John Severn, Silver Inkwell

General Article

Alastair Walker - The Golden Oscar


Dorothy Dunbar Rose-bowl

2015 Scholarship Drama

Helensburgh Shield & Sheila Livingstone Shield

Women's Short Story

Margaret McConnell Trophy

Flash Fiction

SAW Council Trophy

Under 7's

Silver Cup

Drama Five Minute Sketch

Largs Trophy

Book Review

May Marshall Silver Book Trophy

Barbara Hammond

Self-publishing award

Castles in the air

Creating a new myth

Dragonsí Pen

Al Guthrie Challenge

Pat Young - Ayr Writers Club - Till the dust settles

Write up/down North/south

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SAW Trophies

As a mark of our respect and love for our recently deceased Competition Secretary, we introduced this newly engraved SAW Barbara Hammond trophy seen here on its plinth. It is presented for a self published novel and this year Chris Longmuir won it.

SAW Summer Solstice 2018

SAW Summer Solstice 2018

SAW Summer Solstice 2018

Write Down South 2018

Write Down South 2018

Write Down South 2018

Outside Competitions

this link will take you to a Facebook page where Marc Sherland has created a listing of outside competitions and their due dates.

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Autumn Equinox competition results - click here to view

Adjudication of Poetry - Michael Malone
Michael praised the standard reached by the poets who entered the competition and revealed the results as follows :

1st award

Mora MacLean - Glasgow - The Sound of Sollas

2nd place

G B Ballantyne - Argyll - The River in Summer

3rd place

Alexander Hamilton -Argyll - Late Winter

Highly commended

Mora MacLean - Glasgow - Tree Dance


Alexander Hamilton -Argyll - Morning Moon


C M Walker - Glasgow - Show and Tell


Patsy Dyer - Argyll - Cowslip Wine



Adjudication of Short Story Competition - Keith Charters
Keith said he was highly impressed with the stories he read in the short leet and praised the entrants.

1st award

Barbara Stevenson - Preswick - Zuri Mtu

2nd place

Vicky MacKenzie - Fife - The Guddle

3rd place

Helen Welsh - Fife - Natural and Unnatural Worlds


M T Keilty - Glasgow - The Puddockstane


Margaret Woodward - Moray - The Mists of Loch Duich


Sarah Hodgetts - Herts - The Otter Pup

2012 St. Andrew's Short Story Competition - click here to view


1st Place

Evelyn Corkill - Largs Writers Group

2nd Place

Joanna Campbell - Gloucestershire, England

3rd Place

Sheila Aird - Edinburgh Writers