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We are pleased to offer you the 2016 Conference Prospectus which can be downloaded from this website or from the SAW facebook page. The Prospectus is full of excellent information about the competitions and the range of workshops and facilities at Westerwood Hotel and Conference Centre. Details of how to register and book your hotel place are also explained.





Mission Statement - The Scottish Association of Writers has been providing excellence in writing since 1969. Our continued Aim, is to develop the range of services to Writing Groups, Members and those currently unaffiliated. This will be achieved through the development of new provision, through better, more integrated and challenging opportunities, online & paper resources and better organised Events and Conferences.

Work Undertaken by the Association

Conference - Every year since 1969, the Scottish Association of Writers has held an Annual Writers’ Learning and Workshop, Conference. In 2016 this will be over the weekend of 18th to 20th March in Westerwood Hotel & Conference Centre, Cumbernauld. Over 15 competitions covering all major genres, feed into the Conference and entrants are drawn from writing clubs affiliated to the Association, from all over Scotland.

Outreach - Recently the Council realised that to fulfil its obligation to reach out to writers all over Scotland it needed to visit clubs and literary organisations, to bring news of the services offered and to listen to the needs, wants and desires of writers, to see if we might provide a more tailored response.

Satellite Events - Since Autumn 2013, we have mounted ‘Open’ satellite Writing and Learning events, with attendant competitions, funded initially by a grant from Awards for All. In 2014 this included Write Down South in Dumfries, and Write Up North in Inverness. It is hoped to mount a satellite event each year, or two if funding considerations allow us.

Write Down South & Write Up North are Open events which encourage involvement from unaffiliated writers and groups. Write Up North will be held in Inverness Town House on Saturday 17th October 2015.

Wider Programme - The Association has commenced developing a much wider range of all year round responses, to support Writing Groups and individuals. On this Association website we place resource information for individual writers and groups.
In particular Writing Groups will find useful resources and opinion papers on the ‘Resource’ page of the Website, covering issues such as a standard constitution, copyright and fundraising. Individual writers will find a home with useful material and ideas on the ‘Writers’ Ink’ page of the Website including information on sister organisations and personal development.

Strategy and Development - The Association is continually developing its programme of activities and listens to as many sources of comment and advice as possible. To this end the Association has developed a Strategy Document which is available in a downloadable format on the website.


Our thanks go to Viking Direct who donated some stationery materials for our use in the Association.



A list of Writers Groups currently affiliated can be found on the Clubs page. If your Group would like more information about joining the Association, contact the Affiliation Secretary   

At all of our events, where everyone is assured a warm welcome, there are competitions for a wide range of categories, guest speakers, workshops and details of further opportunities to engage with the Association.

The SAW Outreach Team has made inroads, visiting affiliated clubs and clubs considering membership, spreading the word about our programme, through Association affiliation.

The Scottish Association of Writers has a fine tradition, but we want it fit for the 21st Century. We are investing in new vision, which is an ongoing process and we want it to involve you.




The SAW has helped and is supported by writers such as Margaret Thomson Davis, Catherine McPhail, Alex Gray, Gillian Philip and current Honorary President Alanna Knight

New Ideas

In 2013/14 the SAW are introducing several new ideas details of which can be found on the SAW Calendar page and in the SAW Newsletters.


History of the Association - The Association has a proud history and in this You Tube video you will get a real feel of the success of our activities and programme.